The Magic of Potential

Leaders need to train their teams to do their jobs. But is that where the education stops?

Your Personal Opinion – Let It Go

Don’t act surprised.  You knew that “Frozen” was going to be a subject at some point, so it’s better to do it sooner rather than later, right?  I promise I’ll try not to reference “the song” any more than I have already in the title… but I make no promises. Film: Frozen Release Date: November…

Take the Time

If there was a problem with an employee that was within your power to fix, would you do it? Or would you cast them aside if given the opportunity?

The Sheriff of Not-Knowing-Your-People

“Robin Hood” is one of my absolute favorite Disney films of all time, so what better place to start? This film was also the inspiration for this entire blog, so it feels really good to get this one out there.